dale hawkins

bagpiper in salt lake city utah


Bagpiper providing services for weddings, funerals, parties, demonstrations, private instruction throughout Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada

Since I began piping over 20-years ago I have had an interest in teaching and have been dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional music. Learning the instrument in school, I was expected to help the beginners along. This was when I discovered that I thoroughly enjoyed teaching pipes. I have been teaching private lessons since 1996.

Studying the Highland bagpipe is both challenging and fulfilling. It teaches dedication, self-motivation and tradition while giving you a source of pride and accomplishment. Students of all ages are welcome and no previous musical experience is necessary. Although any musical skills you already have will certainly help.

The Highland bagpipe is said to be the most difficult instrument to learn. I disagree. In fact, I believe that many instruments are far more difficult to learn. However, the Great Highland Bagpipe is by far the most physically challenging instrument to play. Therefore, dilligent practice and conditioning are required to maintain a level of proficiency.

I expect the most from my students in the way of practice and responsibility. The more quality, productive time a student can spend with the instrument, the less frustrating the experience will be and the more fun the student will have. The dilligent student will be rewarded with a skill and art form that is both ancient and beautiful; a cultural tradition that is something to be revered and passed on to future generations.

If you are interested in learning to play the bagpipes, please contact me for a consultation.


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