tyler fry - tenor drummer

tyler fry - tenor drummer

tyler fry - tenor drummer

This is the official Web site of Tyler Fry and the full range of TyFry™ tenor drumming products.

Still in his 20’s, Tyler has achieved more success than many achieve in a lifetime. Three times winner of the World Bass Section Championships and former North American Solo Tenor Drumming Champion, Tyler is internationally recognized as one of the true masters of pipe band percussion.

Share information on Tyler’s life and busy schedule, as well as the full range of market leading TyFry™ Classic & Platinum tenor drum mallets, Practice mallets and Interactive instructional multimedia.

Tyler invites you to take your time and enjoy sharing his one true passion in life… pipe band tenor drumming. Whether you play the instrument just for fun or compete at the highest level, Tyler is dedicated to helping you get the most out of drumming.


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tyler fry - tenor drummer

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