l & m highland outfitters

l & m highland outfitters

l & m highland outfitters

Welcome to L&M Highland Outfitters, serving the global Celtic market since 1966.

In 1966, Ed Langille and Murdock Miller (L&M) manufactured hand-sewn pipe bags and sold them to pipers in the St. Catharine’s, Ontario market. As the business began to grow, they expanded their product line into other high quality leather products, including sporrans, belts, straps, etc.

In 1971 after Mr. Miller had retired from the business, Ed and his wife Sandra, moved the company to Londonderry, Nova Scotia, where Ed was raised. Their business was prosperous and the demand grew internationally for their renowned pipe bags, sporrans and Scottish Highland Dress Accessories for the next 20 years.

In June of 1991, Peggie and Joe MacLean purchased L&M and moved it to the Burnside Industrial Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia where it is still located today. Joe had been playing the pipes since the age of 11 and Peggie was playing the snare drum for the Antigonish Pipe Band. Both Peggie and Joe are proud of their Scottish and Irish heritage and were honored when asked by the Langille’s to purchase L&M Highland Outfitters. Ed trained Joe in a fatherly and traditional fashion… hands on and hard work until he was sure that his life’s work was in the right hands.

January of 2012 saw L&M Highland change hands once again. Chosen by Peggy and Joe, husband and wife team Heather Hawes and Grant Withers will lead the company into its 46th year of business. As before, the previous owner Joe has trained Grant in the art of leather work while Peggy has guided Heather through all the ins and outs of running the business. Together, Heather and Grant wish to grow the retail business in Atlantic Canada while introducing new products to their resellers throughout the world. Both Heather and Grant have experience in the Pipe Band world as Grant has been a Piper in a local band for several years.

As a family run business employing only the best craftspeople, L&M has since grown into it’s own glory and is determined to pass on the traditional skills, which will allow you to offer your customers the highest quality products at competitive prices.

The pride and tradition lives on…


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