fred morrison reelpipes

fred morrison reelpipes

fred morrison reelpipes was established by Iain MacDonald in 2005, and since then has offered a full range of bagpipe and pipe band supplies, including bagpipe parts and accessories, maintenance supplies, bagpipe reeds, and services to help make your pipes work and sound better. We supply band chanters, reeds, bags and instruments to some of North America’s best pipe bands, to many community and youth pipe bands, and to many soloists across North America.

More than anything, has offered advice and customer service to people considering a purchase. I have many years of experience playing and working with bellows pipes and Highland pipes, and that experience is always on offer, whether or not a customer decides to purchase one of our products.

My experience with Highland bagpipes runs to over 50 years, and as an active teacher of adults and children, I have often played a role in recommending or sourcing bagpipes for students. Choosing and purchasing a bagpipe is often a daunting task for new players (or their parents), and 10 minutes on the internet gives an overwhelming range of choices and prices.

I have established solid relationships with some very fine bagpipe makers, and I’d be happy to assist you with your choice of bagpipe, pipe chanters, or accessories. can also assist with all uniform and band outfitting, and anything that we can’t do, we’re happy to send you on to one of the great sources that we’ve established and used over the years.

We have an online store for customers near and far, and we’re happy to source anything that you don’t see. If you want to purchase pipes, we’d like to have a conversation about that. It’s a big purchase, and we want to be sure that you’re getting what you hope for when you purchase. There is a broad range of makers, sets and styles available. We can suggest what we’ve seen and sold that looks and sounds great. We work with bagpipe makers to help you get the bagpipe you desire.


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